Dear Fellow Educators,

God bless you as you strive to bring quality Christian education to the world. We at ACBHE are always blessed to hear from those who have a burden to offer excellence in the form of Christian Education.

ACBHE is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to helping Bible colleges, institutes, seminaries, schools and other organized bodies gain a quality, non regional, accreditation.

At ACBHE we consider accreditation a process of recognizing educational institutions for performance, integrity and quality which entitles them to the confidence of the educational community and the public. The accrediting process requires institutions and programs to examine their goals, operations and achievements, followed by the expert criticism and suggestions of a training team and later by the recommendation of the accrediting body.

Even if you have been denied accreditation by other bodies, we invite you to apply with ACBHE. Although our guidelines are very structured, we offer something different than many other accreditation bodies. We will work with you and help you over hindering obstacles. We are a ministry dedicated to helping serious applicants to gain the recognition that they deserve.

Your ACBHE Representative


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